big belle farm

Need Hay?

We have approx. 35 acres of good quality forage for horses, beef, sheep or goats. It is ready to be baled as winter forage for your animals.

I bush-hogged some sheep and alpaca pasture land that was being over taken by weeds. The pastures have responded nicely and are being baled now..

In general, the hay is a mix of perennial grasses as I have not made any effort to plow and establish a specific type of grass or set of grass species. Plants include timothy, quack grass, tall fescue, orchard grass, reed canary grass clusters, alfalfa, vetch, clover, soft rush, spent dandelions, buttercups, etc...

For an extra fee, I can store square bales of hay in my barn. Recently re-shingled the entire barn so the barn is watertight. Can probably hold around 2500 bales, or the amount of square bales you might get off the fields.

Hay is sold out until we make it again in 2016

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