big belle farm

Jun 04 2014 Photos

Weeding 2 yr old vine beds

3 yr old mulched vines starting to bud out

Lots of whipper snippering around plants

Mowing, whipper snippering, and hand weeding

Collaring and mowing around apple trees

Small Budagovsky 9 apple trees are colorful

Getting main garden ready for planting mid June

Will let old main garden rest this year

This looked like a threat to fruit trees located on a wild apple tree

Removed the threat by cutting it out and stomping on it

Solar shower reinstalled and used 2 times.

Entrance to the woods area of our property through some marshland

Hop vines starting to take off

Tractor with rototiller used for vine beds and main garden

Kitchen and living room of trailer well positioned for sunsets

We often sit on deck of garden shed to experience sunsets

Sunset at the ridge

Rooting grape vines in my Truro pit greenhouse

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