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Pioneer Farm House

Pioneer Farm House

The Pioneer Farm House is approximately 160 years old. It was built with thick boards on the floor, ceiling, and walls. Most of the walls and ceilings have been covered with gyprock, but most of the floors are still the original hardwood boards. Over the winter/spring we added new pinewood flooring to the kitchen and hallway as the original flooring was covered with tile, adhesives, and plywood and it would have been too much work to try to get back to the original flooring. The pinewood flooring came out nicely and brightens up the kitchen area where most of our time is spent when we are indoors during the day.

There are 4 bedrooms upstairs with a queen bed, 2 double beds, and 1 futon occupying the 4 bedrooms. In the living room downstairs there is a long couch with offers another potential bed to sleep in. The bedrooms have been painted and the floors sanded.

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Pioneer Farm House

Kitchen as it appears when you enter the house. New pine flooring.

Kitchen from opposite side of the room. We removed the table that was here as
we are going to make the dining room functional again for that purpose. Will be
adding furnishings to this corner.

View of the food prep area. The island is a good place to chat and snack.

View down the hallway into the kitchen stove area. Further down the hall
is the dining room area. A bit disorganized after the kitchen floor job.

Living room area with modern entertainment system :-)
Will be setting up a new TV before you arrive.


Upstairs hallway. Original hardwood floors.

Emily's Bedroom. Bedrooms have sloped ceilings and builtin closets.

This is where we sleep when we stay here.

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