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Mill House

The Mill House is part of the Old Gillis Barn. The most recent owners had a Fiber Processing Mill operation in this part of the barn (turning wool into usable fibre). They did many renovations to this part of the barn (electrical, plumbing, gyprock, cement floor, windows, doors) and we decided that we would build upon what they had started to make it into an even more livable area. The Mill House is now one of the most livable areas on the farm and visitors often like to congregate on this part of the property owning to its unique and welcoming feel and character.

The Mill House comes with all new appliances, new cookware, new tv, radio with iPod plugin, queen bed, single bed, quality Futon that pulls out to a double bed, new shower, and alot of nice views of the farm countryside. There is evidence of custom craftmanship throught the Mill House. It is a unique structure for a memorable vacation.

Washroom facilities consist of a compost toilet in the loft area (with attached ventilation and supplied peat to add after every use) and another larger volume compost toilet in the nearby Garden shed.

The overall living space in the Mill House is about 900 square feet with 100 square feet more for the barn entrance area. The size of a small house.

On December 9, 2012, I took these videos touring the Mill House and posted them on You Tube. The first video is of the main living area in the downstairs and loft area of the Mill House. The second video is of the Mill House entrance with a peek into the adjoining barn.

Static photos of the Mill House.

Main Barn & Mill House

Overcast Day

Main entrance with digital lock. Pick your entry code.
Solar light on left.

Laundry and shower facilities.

Entrance way to main barn.

Sink area with coffee/tea supplies. All doors can be locked from the inside if taking a shower.

View from Mill House main level. Loft entrance to right.

View towards other front door of Mill House.
Antique shelf with dishes and nick nacks on right.

Cooking area. Antique island has cookware and cutlery in it.

Cooking area with cooking lights only on.

New set of cookware.

Custom built pine table is centerpiece of downstairs area.
Electric baseboard heaters on right.

View towards cooking area from futon.

Living room area. Futon opens into a double bed.

New 32 inch flat screen TV and DVD player. 25ft HDMI cable supplied.

Wireless internet is supplied from the house via this powerline router. You might
also find that your cell phone works better up here than in the lowland areas.

View of hayfields out back door.
Yes, you are in farm coutry :-)

Queen bed in the loft. Lights on back wall, built in shelf on right.

Compost toilet. Compostable bag liner and peat moss supplied.

Hallway to the other other end of the loft where single bed is located.
You can find bedding and towels in the built in closet on the right.

Loft is either vented by opening the two end windows or by opening the two
louvered vents near the ceiling on the left to vent into the main barn. Next to single bed
is a separate light switch and outlet for the end of the loft.

View of the countryside from the window behind the single bed.

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