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One Bedroom Trailer
Mill House
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One Bedroom Trailer

Here are some photos of the single bedroom trailer for rent. Note that the trailer offers all major appliances: stove, fridge, washer, dryer, tv, radio. There are also pots, pans, dishes, coffee maker, and teapot. The bedroom has a a queen-size bed. Wireless high speed also included.

Front view of the trailer.

View of farm from halfway up driveway.

Back view of the trailer.

View from front deck looking left.

View from front deck looking right.

Kitchen table with sliding window to the left. Birch floors.

A well-equipped kitchen.

Living room area. Oak floors.

TV and DVD player. New reading chair.

Queen size bed with lots of closet space. Pine floors.

Spacious bathroom with all the conveniences.

Late evening on trailer deck.

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